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Parks Build Healthy Communities: Success Stories (PDF): Healthy vending machines provided at 26 park sites in Miami-Dade County, Florida; an 8.7 mile path constructed in Kauai, Hawaii; smoke-free and tobacco-free parks implemented in seven communities, impacting 390,000 people; and “safe park zones” developed in two communities that offer special traffic protections while passing parks and recreation facilities to make areas safely accessible, impacting 140,000 people in those communities. These are some of the best practices and successful strategies for building healthy communities through parks and recreation highlighted in this report from the National Recreation and Park Association.

Creating Healthy Communities: Success Stories from AchieveExamples of Action Communities for Health, Innovation, and EnVironmental ChangE's impact: 10,000 people have better access to fresh fruits and vegetables in five communities that developed community gardens; 7,000 people have better access to fresh fruits and vegetables because their local farmers markets now accept senior fruit and vegetable coupons and WIC vouchers for purchases; 200,000 people live in a community where healthy choices are marked on restaurant menus; and 35,000 residents live in communities with Complete Streets policies in place, making streets safe for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Pioneering Healthier Communities: Lessons and Leading PracticesThis report discusses the national public health crisis facing American communities today, reviews the history of how the YMCA has responded to the challenge, and details the leading practices of PHC — pIoneerIng heAlthIer communItIes — an initiative of the YMCA’s Activate America®. The initiative empowers communities with strategies and models for creating and sustaining positive change in support of healthy living teams.

The Steps Program in Action: Success Stories on Community Initiatives to Prevent Chronic Diseases (PDF): A snapshot from the CDC of how communities "are showing what can be done locally in schools, work sites, communities and health care settings to promote healthier lifestyles and help people make long-lasting and sustainable changes that can reduce their risk for chronic diseases."

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